the bottles

From left to right. The Power. The Endurance. The Namaste.


the story of the bottles...

The Power. Feel the power! You’ll be lucky if you survive a sip out of this bottle, that’s how much power we’re talking about. Like a volcano ready to explode, are you strong enough to handle it?

The Endurance. Is everything you do to the limit? Do you constantly live on the edge or hanging off it? There’s always something more to give so don’t give up, don’t quit. Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.

The Namaste. The unique sugarcane pattern on The Namaste tells the story of how these bottles originated in the sugarcane fields of Brazil. The Namaste, which means divine spark, can hopefully light the same spark in you as it did for us.

Each bottle provides 6 months of clean water to one person in the Central African Republic via our partner Water for Good.

Made from sugarcane, BPA& toxin free, 100% recyclable, holds 750ml, dishwasher safe, one-handed design, designed & produced in Sweden and fits in standard cup holders.